P卡秋【Humans of Taipei】來自濟南

Photo / Article:  Humans of Taipei

“I am from Jinan and now visiting a relative in Taipei. I like Taipei. It’s an international city but not like Shanghai and Beijing, where people distanced themselves from others. Taipei has the warm hospitality and culture. And you can criticize the government and throw shoes to the authority…

“There are something in common. Cities in both China and Taiwan keep changing fast. Not only geographically but also the ideas of people. If no one keeps a record for the people, incidents and objects, these things just left us too soon. They just disappear from the cities. That’s why I quit my job as a film producer and switched to independent film producing. I’d like to start some documentaries.

“The movie industry is going bad. Commercialization doesn’t really matter, but what’s worse is the disrespect to the expertise. People are just making the news and and movies stars sensational. The audience taste is also getting worse.

“I like the writer of ‘The Grandmaster’. His name is Xu Haofeng. He is also a director. His work ‘Judge Archer’ might be the last movie shot with film stocks in China.”

「我來自濟南,這次是來台探親。我很喜歡台北,它是一個國際化的城市,但又不像上海、北京那樣,人與人之間距離好遠。台北比較有人情味、有人文,而且你們可以罵政府、丟鞋子...。 「相同之處是,兩岸的都市都快速變遷。不只是地景地貌,人的想法也一直在變,很多人事物如果不去記錄,很快就會消逝。所以我從電影製片,改作獨立製片,想拍攝一些紀錄片。 「電影圈的環境也越來越糟。商業化就算了,常常出現的情況是不尊重專業,只有炒作:炒作話題、炒作明星,觀眾的品味也被炒壞了。 「不過我還滿喜歡《一代宗師》編劇徐皓鋒,他本身也是導演,他的《柳白猿》,可以說是中國最後一部膠捲片了吧!」 — 在新光三越信義新天地 香堤大道。(圖與文 / Humans of Taipei)

「不過我還滿喜歡《一代宗師》編劇徐皓鋒,他本身也是導演,他的《柳白猿》,可以說是中國最後一部膠捲片了吧!」 — 在新光三越信義新天地 香堤大道。(圖與文 / Humans of Taipei)


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