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Photo / Article:  Humans of Taipei

“I work as assistant director. I am from Hong Kong. This is a trip for pleasure and also for work. I am surveying location for our movie. Cinema of Hong Kong is getting out of depression. People finally realize that local characteristics and details make a good movie. A good example is the works of To Man-chak. As for my favorite Taiwanese movie, I’d say it’s KANO.”

-“Do you support the pro-democracy protest of Hong Kong students?”

“Of course. PRC government broke the promise of 50 years unchanged status. We have experienced degeneration and recession in all aspects. The British colonial administration had listened to the people more or less, but the government now follows every instruction by China. I’d say a general election is the most basic requirement. Without it, there is not any chance to change our lives and economy.”

「我的工作是副導演,這禮拜從香港來台灣勘景,順便旅遊。我覺得香港電影已走出低點,怎麼說呢?現在大家發現,電影要有在地的元素、細節,才會好看,像杜汶澤的一些作品就不錯。台灣電影的話,我特別喜歡《KANO》。 -「你贊成罷課爭取普選嗎?」- 「當然贊成。中國說五十年不變,其實香港在各方面都倒退了;從前港英政府多少還會聽取民意,現在的政府什麼都聽中共的。我覺得普選是最基本的,如果連普選都沒有,我們的生活、經濟,根本沒有改變的可能。」 (圖與文 / Humans of Taipei)

(圖與文 / Humans of Taipei)


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