P卡秋【Humans of Taipei】航空城打亂的退休夢

圖與文 / Humans of Taipei





“I am a demolition contractor. Squalor reveals when you tear down things. I once dealt with a 4-meter-high pillar. And its had only 2 fasteners on it.

“These things always happen. I had been working on an auditorium. We had cut off the electricity, but a short circuit suddenly happened. After a long investigation, I finally found that they’d been steeling the electricity from the street lamp. We resold the wood ceiling but found out that the wood wasn’t as expensive as expected. In the contract it should have been the best wood.

“Contractors have to ‘take care of’ both sides of the law. The budgets left for the real job would be lower and the quality would not be good. That’s why I didn’t hand over family business to my child. This job is too complicated and dangerous. I am almost retired now. I go back to old house and grow tea and bamboo shoots. It won’t make me rich. I grow them for myself or to give them to friends.

“I didn’t expect that my peaceful retirement can be interrupted. My house is in the area of land expropriation for the Taoyuan aviation city project. This time people is coming to demolish my house. Actually they had an old deserted military airport which is big enough for them to build their third airplane runway. To be honest, the whole project is land speculation, isn’t it?”






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