P卡秋【Humans of Taipei】松山車站素顏女郎

Photo / Article:  Humans of Taipei “I didn’t wear makeup today so I’ll just pull down my hat… I own a market stall in Chungli, and on my day off I come to Wufenpu for replenishment. I had worked here […]

P卡秋【Humans of Taipei】建教生的願望

Photo / Article:  Humans of Taipei “I am going to enter the 3rd year of my high school, and also my 2nd year in the school-to-work program. We usually have 3 months in school, followed by 3 months at […]

P卡秋六步一跪 訴求公審航空城

特約記者宋小海 / 桃園報導 桃園航空城計畫下週將在營建署進行都市計畫審議,桃園在地聯盟、航空城反迫遷聯盟、桃園縣教育產業工會等團體今日發起「公審航空城」大遊行,逾三百人上午九點先於桃園火車站集結,沿途向民眾發送文宣,高喊「反貪腐、反迫遷、反洗腦、要聽證」訴求。 縣政廣場今日舉辦「拉拉山水蜜桃季」活動,事前雖被批為妨礙民眾集會,但仍照常進行,因此遊行隊伍十點半抵達縣府,只得先在外繞行一週。約四十名 […]

P卡秋【Humans of Taipei】艋舺帥氣海上男兒

Photo / Article:  Humans of Taipei “I am a student from Naval Academy. This the first day of our three-week summer vacation. In the coming semester after the vacation, I’ll be a Senior. I grew up here […]

P全球P卡秋【Humans of Taipei】彩妝印尼女孩

Photo / Article:  Humans of Taipei LEFT: We both came from Indonesia and both works in Nanjing East Road, but we just know each other today in the station lobby. RIGHT: Back in Indonesia, I learned ho […]

P卡秋【Humans of Taipei】畢業典禮後的六四晚會

Photo / Article:  Humans of Taipei “We just had our graduation ceremony before we came over to the Tiananmen memorial. “If there is something that can be taken as the most important one we learned in […]